Eroticon 2016

Eroticon Live bristol 2016
Eroticon Live bristol 2016




Today we had the final sessions of Eroticon 2016. What a weekend it was! I met really interesting, energetic, exceptionally good writers with wonderful stories to tell.

This afternoon, I attended a solid workshop by the lovely and vibrant Hyacinth Jones. She made us write a short love-and sex scene, hot and romantic and lyrical, in just 7 minutes.


Although I was in awe with what others came up with, I was modestly happy with my own little story without title. Just for the fun of it, here it is. Mind you: as a Dutch girl I am not used to write in English, and this is not edited at all, so bear with me if it is not perfect!


In his strong embrace I felt his sharp teeth sink into the softness of my neck. Whilst stroking my body and buttocks, he parted my legs and slipped his magic fingers into me, making me squeeze and wet his fingers every time he bit me again.

He brought me to the edge of the abyss, then stopped and made me crave for his hardness inside my lushiousness.

Finally, he let me drift away from his arms, grabbed my hips and thrust himself slowly, oh Lord, so slowly and so deep, into my yearning pussy. He took me, penetrating my soul, and I received him. I received him with my legs and mind and heart wide open. I moaned in my pillow, shedding tears of Lust from my beating heart with every thrust.


When he finally shot his cume all over my face and body and my neck, I felt an outburst of joy in my shivering orgasm. We both fell, not downwards, but up, up into heaven and back, entangled in each other and sheltered in a universe that was our own. 

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