Eleven Steps

Eleven steps to, eleven steps fro. When she was to, she would turn around on her heels and put down her foot as the first step fro in just one fluent movement. Like this she would exactly use eleven steps.  She didn’t allow any thoughts to break up her cadence; the sole of her foot would not hesitate for even a second. Sometimes she placed her hand against the cold wall to push herself off during her heel-dance. With every step she took, she thought of Gus. And of his enormous balls and horrible smirk. Every step, eleven to and eleven fro, brought her closer to him.


Was it mere coincidence that she had been here for precisely eleven years? And that she would be released tomorrow, after eleven long years, taking eleven steps to and eleven steps fro during interminable hours on each and every day?


Eleven steps to and eleven steps fro her thoughts writhed around her skull. It seemed time had multiplied itself. Eleven years seemed eleven times eleven years to her. Not to Gus however, she thought. Gus partied continuously for eleven years. Wanna bet? He went to Blue Moon as usual, in his black jacket with Japanese signs that meant nothing. Gus drank his beers leaning against the bar and smoked his reefer after playing pool. And with his enormous balls visible in his too-tight trousers, he would rub himself against some girl or the other. Impertinent, that’s what he was.  Scoring girls with that self-assured pose of his. Her tommy contracted and she paced up her step.


She hadn’t said anything during the trial. Not a word! She had only looked at this so-called friend of Gus, who sat across in the witness stand, but she hadn’t listened at all. The words that left his mouth appalled the audience, but she didn’t think they’d referred to her. Murder they said? Ridiculess! Gus was alive and waiting for her, most definetely!


‘Sure, she liked it when he stood behind her. She had bent over the pool table and he would stand behind her like that, you know what I mean. I clearly saw her pushing her ass backwards, against his crotch. We were even joking about it. ‘Shoot ‘em straight Gus’, and the likes. He bought her a couple of glasses of white wine and she gobbled them down like lemonade. She was in the mood,  as clear as daylight! 

An hour later they left together, I think they went home. The following night Gus showed up in the pub again. He bragged about having scored well with her and we all slapped him on the shoulders. You can leave the scoring to Gus! He was endowed with...uhm...special equipment, so to speak, the ladies loved it. Until she came along. Gus already had his eye on a new bird and was winding her up in his special…way…when she – and he had pointed at her – entered the pub. When she saw Gus with this new chick, she flushed with anger. It was a fatal moment, as we know now, damned,’ he bleated en once again his eyes filled up.


Yes, she remembered. It was only logic she became angry, wasn’t it? That one night had been so beautiful, so exciting! When they arrived at her apartment they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. In the elevator they were already kissing and rubbing their bodies against each other. His hands wriggled themselves under her tank top and he pinched her stiffening nipples. When he pushed his loins against hers, she couldn’t believe what she felt. A huge bulch, a divine hardness, throbbing and thick and overwhelming! An electric shock of horniness shot through her body when she thought of his smirk seeing her amazement in her eyes.


They didn’t even make it to the bed at home. She giggled, they had behaved like impatient teenagers. Undressing each other, through the hallway, on the sofa, on the floor…they explored each other from top to bottom. Gus was not a romantic gentleman, but boy, he made her hornier then she had ever experienced! Yes, she remembered every detail.


With her legs spread wide she lay on the sofa. Her underwear had been pulled down and was dangling loosely around her ankles. Her super tight stretch skirt was curled up. Gus dove between her legs and bit her clitoris, stuck his tongue in her languishing cunt and kneaded her buttocks. God, such delight! But it only became fierce after she had climaxed. She relived it all, like every day. Eleven steps to and eleven steps fro. 


“My turn now”, Gus said after she climaxed. He pulled his trousers down and right in front of her face he revealed the secret of his confidence. She sighed at the sight of his ‘apparatus’, as he called it. A well veined straight dick of at least twenty centimeters jumped out. And down under, these enormous balls, as big as oranges! He had shaved them and the shining skin made them look like they were about to burst any minute.



“Suck it, hot shot,” he panted, “my apparatus was made for it, for horny little mouths like yours.” 

Oh, what a delight to take that huge head between her lips and to fold her hands around those pulsating balls. Her reddened lips left a red circle halfway his dick, that was as far as she could reach. He put his hands on her forehead and pumped rough and rhythmical as deep as possible in her eager mouth. Pushing against her throat, she gagged. And with the saliva running down her chin, she sucked him as if her life depended on it.


Gus moaned: “Oh yes, suck it baby, Jesus, you suck so good, come on, deeper! And knead my balls, yeah, that’s nice, you’re really into it aren’t you, you horny little bitch, come on then, King Kong likes to fuck horny muzzles...”

It turned her on to be used by him like this and rubbed her clit hard in the meantime. With her one hand she kneaded those enormous balls and with the other she fingered herself as if she was possessed. Her jaws started to hurt and she almost choked on her own saliva, but she persevered, enjoying the pleasure she was able to give to Gus. He growled like a beast when he suddenly withdrew his cock, pushed her head backwards and with some last firm jerks he shot a huge load of sperm all over her face. It was everywhere: in her eyes, her nostrils, her neck, her mouth….ooohw, she licked it all up with her tongue and what she couldn’t reach with her tongue, she smeared with her fingers onto her trembling lips. She climaxed fiercely when he shook off his last drops on her cheek.


It must have been because it was already late and they didn’t know each other very well, she thought, that he quickly pulled up his trousers, pecked her a quick good-night-kiss on the cheek and left.

“See you,” he said. Being his girl now, it was only logic she became angry when she saw Gus the next night, standing at the pool table with a common cooing cow, wasn’t it?


Eleven steps to, eleven steps fro. Her steps became vehement and her memories faded. She remembered she had dragged him by his jacket to the alley at the backdoor.  She had rubbed her body against his and her hands grabbed him in his crotch. What was it again he said?

“Hey girl, it’s been nice, but now I am busy with another chick”? “Noooo,” she had sceamed. It now turned into some kind of a wrestling match. She plunged into his trousers and took his huge ‘apparatus’ out. Of course Gus let her, she was doing it far too nice to stop her, that much she understood. Her tongue drifted over the top of his dick and in the meantime she dug out his magical balls. Gus wanted to leave, but he hesitated and now grew a hard-on between her greedy lips.


‘Come on girlie, another night King Kong will be all yours again, lemme go, I am busy…I don’t have the time to do all my chickies in one night you know….’


Yes, that’s what he had said: chickies. Behind her temples she heard a buzzing sound. She completely pushed aside the remembrance of her mouth opening wide, stuffing his enormous balls into it and clenching her jaws as hard as she could. The taste of his blood, that encouraged her to bite off King Kong, crept over her tongue once again, just by thinking about it. The red substance that dripped from her chin, felt just as wonderful as his sperm the night before. And while he bled out on the filthy ground of the alley, screaming and yelling and dying, she smeared his fluids on her cheeks with her fingers and climaxed.


Eleven steps to and eleven steps fro. Just a few more days, she would see Gus once more. Or would she?

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    Marie Rebelle (maandag, 25 april 2016 20:19)

    A deliciously dark story!

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