My Rescue

I considered myself fortunate that I got to replace the chambermaid in first class and was assigned to two of the most expensive suites on board. I had already memorized the six passengernames and viewed the enormous suites with the chandeliers and canopy-beds included beforehand. That’s how I knew the Belgian Lady, accompanied by her much older and filthy rich husband, would not board until eve. Right before we sailed off, she arrived with the bellboy and eight gigantic suitcases in her wake. Decorated with jewelry, she was more of a ‘Femme Mondaine’ than a linetowed Lady. 

Since she moved into her suite, that cost more than I would earn in my whole life, I had not heard a single sound from her. Right before dinner however, I heard the ringing sound of her suite-bell and I hurried upstairs. 

“Yes, come on in!” she said in a delightful European accent after my polite knock.

Milady stood beside the obviously slept on canopy-bed. At least, the expensive sheets lay rumpled and in disarray. Her hair was tangled and her face was flushed. She did not even wear an outer dress nor was her bodice laced in yet.


“What took you so long? Ah well, the Titanic is the world’s largest wonder, so I suppose you had to cross the lengthy corridor. You MUST help me out here; I can’t turn up at the Captains table looking like this! Come on, lace up my corset and string my boots. And get me my dress, it’s behind the door…,” she said agitated. Even in her white singlet and her unlaced bodice I could see she had a perfect hourglass figure. She was marvelous, a real Lady! Standing behind her I fiddled the laces upwards. “Tight, tighter dear, I really want to show a wasp waist tonight!” 

While she firmly gripped onto the bedpost, I pulled the laces as tight as I could. Being so close to her I could smell her spicy perfume that whirled up from her creamy white neck, a bewitching fragrance that made her even more attractive.

Out of breath she flopped down the canopy-bed and stuck out her legs.

 “Now, my lace-up boots.”

Her crème-coloured stockings showed small and elegant ankles. I knelt down and placed her foot on my lap. It felt divine to sit in front of her like this, pulling her laces through the little holes of her boots. A totally unfamiliar sensation shot through my chest: a desire to kneel at the feet of this graceful appearance for eternity. But instead, I devoted myself to my task, as I was supposed to. 

I assumed she felt something too – her breathing calmed down. 

 ‘’You have done this before, doing it so neat! What is your name anyway?”

“Keira, Milady,” I said humbly. “Shall I get your dress now?” 

She nodded and with a sigh she fell backwards on the canopy-bed. From between the sheets a small walnut box became visible, and in it some sort of medical device. I tried hard not to look at it and, with the dress draped on my arm, I waited for her to rise from the bed. 


She did not rise however and picked up the little box. 

“Look Keira, my delay tonight. I can’t help it; it is doctor's orders you see! I must accomplish this at least once a day, or things go wrong. Because of all the travel commotion I didn’t find the opportunity yet. And to be honest with you, I have no idea how to survive the evening, all dolled up with that windbag of a Captain and my dreary husband. I would rather stay here, to quench the burning fire. The doctor says I have a serious case of Hysteria.”

I really didn’t have an inkling what she was talking about. 

“Forgive me Milady, I am only a maid and don’t understand what you mean. But if it is that important to you, maybe I can be of service?” I stammered, ashamed of my ignorance.

“Serve me? Hahaha, wouldn’t that be something...” she chuckled, but then she went quiet and looked up with a sly look in her eyes.

“Actually, that is not such a bad idea Keira. Frankly, I think it is sublime! Never mind that dress, I am hopelessly late anyway. Come here, I will show you how to give me the treatment. I will send a messenger to my husband, to tell him I do not feel well; he won’t miss me anyway.” 

Stretched out she untied her knee-long underwear. Being a servant, I could not refuse her anything.

She took the metal device, plugged the electrical wire into a wall socket and handed it over to me. With her legs wide open, the beautiful Lady lay in the middle of the bed; I could see right into her vagina! I stood petrified and waited for her instructions.

“That switch, turn it on. Then you slowly push it into me. You will immediately notice when the treatment is done, because I will be completely peaceful. The doctor taught me exactly what to do, but at the moment the Hysteria-blockade resolves, I lose control of my movements; it might work a lot better when you do it for me.” 

She spread her thighs and looked at me imperatively. My hands shook, but I did exactly what she told me. I went from one surprise to the next; I had never seen a woman right There, not even myself.


While piloting the loud buzzing and vibrating appliance, she began to moan vigorously. I thought I was hurting her and wanted to pull it back, but she shouted at me: 

”Just move it in and out Keira, ooooh, that is what the doctor ordered…aahhhww.”

She was writhing and I saw her fanny swell up, red and moist.

“Turn it up…Goooood, this is just what I needed, harder and deeper Keira….hmmmm.”

I got a bit of courage and even felt a strange sensation in my tummy and my face flushed.

I felt so hot, that I almost lifted my skirts to alleviate the burning itch in my own vagina. That proved to be impossible however, Milady caused so much havoc that it needed my full attention to keep the device in place. All of the sudden she pushed my hand holding that thing deeper inside her and held still with quivering buttocks. A large jet squirted from her vagina, dripping all over my hand! 

“That must be the Hysteria-blockade,” I thought. Her body shook and she made animal sounds. I felt so privileged this sophisticated Lady trusted me the way she did.


Once abated, she sat up. 

“Keira, fantastic! I will request your service every night, all the way to New York.” 

She bent over to kiss me on my cheek. Once again, I felt this strange itch in my vagina.

The following days she greeted me with an intimate nod every time she passed me, quickly whispering the time her husband would be in the lounge smoking cigars. She taught me how to do it exactly right. At the evening of the third night, the 13th of April, she did it to me. I did not know such delight existed! I remember it all very clear, she was my first love, as I only understood in hindsight. 


She drowned that night. She was still in her suite, recuperating after our get-together. I tried to wrestle my way upstairs to make sure she could get into one of the rescue boats, but to no avail.  Clamped to a wooden chair in the icy sea, the memory of her kept me warm until I was rescued.

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  • #1

    Marie Rebelle (dinsdag, 05 april 2016 21:15)

    I loved this in Dutch and I definitely love it in English too! This story is so beautiful, filled with love, eroticism and sadness. Thank you for translating it in English!

    Rebel xox

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    Velvet Rose (dinsdag, 05 april 2016 23:41)

    This is a wonderful story of beautiful female love and erotica.

    Velvet x

  • #3

    Molly (vrijdag, 08 april 2016 00:20)

    Oh this is fabulous little tale. I love the use of the word fanny in it, it just appropriate for the era the story was placed in